Hello world!

It’s good to be back from my self-imposed blogging exile.

You can take a look at what this site used to look like (thanks to the Wayback Machine), with key snapshots in Jul 2017 and May 2011. Some of the other snapshots don’t retain the blog format well; the equivalent of bit rot in online web archival, I presume?

I then drifted to Medium for a bit, but could never shake off the feeling that the blog was never quite “mine”. It didn’t take long to reinstall WordPress, relink my domain and restart.

This time round, I’ve hopefully put in stronger protection for my instance so that my public digital memories have a better chance to stay.

Selfie at Te Wahipounamu, Maori for “the place of greenstone”, also known as Milford Sound – New Zealand, 8 Dec 2019

Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll try to consolidate old WordPress archives (if I can find them!) and migrate Medium posts over to here, and squeeze some new content in if time permits. Wish me luck!

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